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Ramble Creek Farm is Looking to Expand Pickup Locations in NYC!

Pickup Plan

We are planning to add several pick up sites throughout the city. The pickup window of 45 minutes would take place every other Thursday between the hours of 9am - 2pm. The pick-up locations will be outdoors in a pick-up host’s driveway or street parking spot.

Recruiting for Pickup Hosts

We are currently looking to recruit pickup hosts to help facilitate our new Pickup Locations. These hosts would receive 10% off their orders for helping to establish and maintain a suitable pickup location and raise awareness about the pickup to maintain a minimum order level. Tell your friends and let's get something started in your area!
To join a pickup site, you’d pre-order on our website then pickup at the assigned site.

Let us know what you Think!

Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts and if you are interested in joining a pickup location fill out our survey below. If you are interested in becoming a Pickup Site Host and saving 10% on all your pickup orders from Ramble Creek Farm, contact us through our website.

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