Our Farming Practices

It is important to the farm to use practices that are good for the health of the animals, the land and the people. We manage our pastures organically and do not use herbicides or pesticides on the farm. We are working to develop regenerative systems where each aspect helps the next. The cows eat the grass, the grass grows a better root system, the chickens follow the cows to eat the bugs and so on. The pigs forage the forest and make room for new wild plants to grow. All of them help us with weed control and add nutrients. It is not perfect but we are striving for a more cohesive system every day.

The highlights are:

  • Organically managed pasture-No herbicides or pesticides used on the farm
  • Ethically raised animals- They live outside with fresh air and sunshine
  • Care for the soil- We want/need it to keep providing healthy plants for us and the animals 

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