Our Farming Practices

At Ramble Creek Farm we believe that being good stewards of the land is essential for the health of our farm, our animals, and the future of our world. We raise all of our animals on pasture or in the woods, in a mobile system. This allows us to control when, where, how much and what kind of impact the animals have on the land. By doing this we create a system of regeneration that feeds the soil and increases it's productivity. With healthy soils comes healthy plants and the combination of those two helps our farm to sequester carbon and in turn improve our environment. We manage our land Organically and never use any herbicides  or pesticides. 

We raise our animals outside with fresh air and sunshine. Our animals thrive because they get to live their lives as nature intended. Increasing the heath and happiness of both the animals and ourselves. Our poultry and pigs are free to forage for their food and are supplemented with a NON-GMO grain from a local mill. Our cattle are fed only grass, organic kelp meal and minerals. We believe that our bodies need the best fuel we can give them and feel that should be the same for our animals.

How the world raises our food has a huge impact on our future and what we choose to eat has a huge impact on how we raise our food. We would like to thank you for being part of the solution and supporting local farms with sustainable practices. 

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