Breakfast Sausage, Bulk

Breakfast Sausage, Bulk

1 pound package
$12.00/lb. Avg. 1lb .
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Classic ground breakfast sausage.  Perfect for breakfast burritos or biscuits and gravy. Great way to start the day.

Our pork is from heritage breeds that free range in the wooded areas around our pastures. They are allowed to root and forge for a species appropriate, omnivore diet and are supplemented with a local non-GMO grain. We do not use preventative antibiotics or hormones and we let our pigs be pigs. Our pastures and woodlots are managed organically. We utilize holistic, regenerative farming practices to take care of our land for future generations. . You can find out more about our farming practices here.


pork, water, salt, sugar, black pepper, sage, marjoram, crushed red pepper, cloves