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Ramble Creek Farm's Property Sales Details

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We are excited to announce that we are moving our farming operation to central CT. With this move comes the need to sell our Greenwich, NY farm property. Below is a complete description of the farm and all it has to offer the new owner. 

Current Use and Recent History

This property was purchased by Josh Carnes of Ramble Creek Farm in November, 2017. Ramble Creek Farm has operated a regenerative livestock farm on the property since January 2018. We raise pastured chickens, pastured turkeys and 100% grass fed and finished cattle on the pastures and pigs out in the woods. All the farm’s property, pastures, and forest have been managed organically and all poultry and pigs are fed a non-GMO feed.

The property was purchased from the Shaw family who formally ran Garden of Spices on the property for 15+ years before selling it to Josh and moving out of the area.

The Details

This property, approximately 3.5 hours from NYC and 20 minutes east of Saratoga, is bursting with potential. Move in immediately to the updated, modern farmhouse and start making money right away with the operating 5A poultry processing plant. This property is ripe for the right entrepreneurial farmer to make it their own.

The Farm

The farm is 63.2 acres split by an electrical right of way. The right of way land can be utilized at the farm owner’s discretion, with the restriction of not building any permanent structures on it. The farm has been maintained organically and chemical free. It could be immediately certified organic.
The farm is laid out in a large rectangle, with the farmhouse set back from the road and the buildings arranged around a convenient farmyard. The farm is dissected by a stream and spring-fed creek, which join each other to feed into a possible pond site. A bluff protects the house and buildings from winter winds on the west.

Pasture and Tillable Acreage

Ramble Creek Farm's tillable acreage is approximately 35 acres total. Approximately 15 acres is fenced with 4ft woven wire topped with 1 strand of electric to prevent predation. After years of being farmed intensively and regeneratively, the nutrients and organic matter in the pastures is very high. In addition, there is approximately 800 yards of compost on-site waiting to be spread.

The land is composed of 3 major soil types:

-Wallington silt loam (approximately 16 acres) is a fertile, silt loam that is of statewide importance. This soil can classify as prime soil if it is tiled for drainage. Excellent production of pasture or vegetable ground (very few stones)

-Hoosic gravelly sandy loam (approximately 6 acres) is a dryer, gravelly soil. It is good for pasture but also grows excellent sweet potatoes and root crops. This soil shines in wet years as it is one of the first to dry out and be workable.

-Otisville gravelly sandy loam (approximately 3 acres) is a dryer, gravelly soil. Very similar to the Hoosic soil.

To view our most recent soil test from 2017 click HERE!


The farm has six 60’ rows of blueberries and seven 60’ rows of raspberries up near the barn yard. The bushes are mature and have provided a decent yield.


The woodlot is approximately 25 acres. It is a mix of hard and softwoods of typical northern species. The woodlot supplied firewood as well and can supply plenty of logs for mushroom growing.

Pond Site

The pond area is approximately 2 acres of a Madalin silty clay loam. A ⅓ of an acre pond shell is already there from the previous owner but it could be made larger depending on the water storage required. When the previous pond was built, it held water well.

Maple syrup

The farm has 30 maple taps. Adjoining properties have a fair amount of maples and may be able to be leased to increase production.

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The five bedroom, 1.5 bath house was built in 1900 and was remodeled/updated less than 15 years ago. It features a large beautifully remodeled kitchen with concrete countertops, dual ovens, and a gas range. There's a large living room and dining room for family time and relaxation. A sunroom graces the east side of the house. The first floor also features a large laundry room with a laundry sink and folding table. There is abundant pantry space that allows for plenty of storage. The house is heated with a Navien Combi-boiler (installed new in 2018) that also provides tankless hot water. The house has its own water well. The exterior features cement board siding and a metal roof for longevity and low maintenance.
A beautiful white oak graces the front yard, providing summer shade and a great place to picnic.

Cabin in the Woods

The farm has a rustic 16'x16' off-grid cabin with a 6'x12' deck in a nice cozy spot back in the woods. This building has the potential to make $3000+ a month on Airbnb or could be used as apprentice housing. The cabin has a wood stove, propane lights and is piped for a propane stove.

Possible On-Farm Airbnb

The farm already has one off-grid cabin that could be easily rented out for stays. There are several other secluded spots on the property that would also be great sites for cabins or hard walled tents. The rustic Airbnb business is currently growing rapidly.

Barns and Outbuildings

The farm has four main outbuildings: 2 barns, a machinery shed/shop, and the processing facility. All buildings are indicated on the farm map.

The barns are used to house and store equipment and supplies, brood chicks, and house other animals as needed. The north barn is 65’x30’ with a 25’x20’ walk in shed, stalls for farrowing pigs in winter, ladder access to the second floor and has a slate roof. The east barn is 40’x30’ with a 17’x13’ room attached to the south end, ladder access to the second floor and has a metal roof.

The machinery shed is 60’x30’, houses equipment and contains an insulated 29’x23’ shop. The shop has separate 200-amp service for welding or fabrication. It has metal siding and roof for low maintenance.

The processing facility building is 60’x24’ and houses a State Certified 5A Poultry Processing Plant, a bathroom, dry storage, and a walk-in cooler as well as the site for a planned 20-C kitchen. The exterior has metal siding and roof for low maintenance.


A 9-acre utility right-of-way runs through the farm and there is a very nice gravel road that goes about halfway to the back of the property. It is for access to the electric lines that run through the property. The power company will pay to fix or pay for damages to crops or pasture that they may damage if they need to service the lines. Complete updating of the lines was done in 2016, so they shouldn’t need any other work for another 50 years. You can farm the property under the lines but are not allowed to build permanent structures in the right-of way. A copy of the right-of-way is available for inspection.

Gravel Pit

The farm was given a mining permit to pull gravel and sand out of one of the back fields. The location is marked on the map.

Water Access


The property has two wells with plenty of water. One feeds the house and the other feeds the 5A poultry processing plant and the rest of the farm.


Two off-farm springs feed the creek that winds through the property, giving year-round access to fresh, cold spring water. Excellent watercress opportunity! There is also a concrete cistern along the spring creek that can provide an endless supply of gravity-fed water to the front pastures/fields.

Pond Site

The creek travels through an area that was at one time a ⅓-acre pond. The pond dam and spillway were not constructed properly and during a flash flood the dam gave way. Could easily be rebuilt. Great location in front of the off-grid cabin.

Geographical Access

The farm is on a paved, well-maintained town road near the town highway department. It is 6 minutes from the town center of Schuylerville and 9 minutes from the Greenwich town center. Greenwich has a tractor mechanic, large grocery store, hardware store, farm stores, three auto parts stores, lots of great restaurants and other amenities. The property is in the Town of Greenwich but in the Schuylerville School District. The Schuylerville schools are in the top 20 in the Capital Region of New York.The farm is 25 minutes from the affluent college town of Saratoga Springs, which has a thriving local food scene. The summer scene is especially robust with the Saratoga Racetrack, Casino, and Saratoga Performing Arts Center all drawing major crowds. Saratoga has all major shopping stores. Albany, the state capital, and is located under an hour away. Albany International Airport is only a 50-minute drive.



The farm has two 200-amp services: one for the house and processing plant and another for the shop. Three phase power is available on power poles on the property, if needed.

Solar Farm Opportunity

I have spoken with a solar developer and there is an easy potential to lease them 20 acres of the farm property for a solar farm. The lease terms vary between solar contractors but would be approximately $35,000-$45,000/year.


The house and processing facility utilize propane for heating and hot water.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is available at the road from a line that runs to a local factory.


The property has 20+ acres of hardwood forest and easily provides plenty of wood to heat the house and shop if a wood stove is desired.

5A Poultry Processing Plant

Our poultry operation was built around the 5A processing plant. With the correct permitting this facility can process up to 20,000 birds for the operator as well as other farmers and homesteaders. The plant has done about $60,000 in annual revenue for customers in the surrounding area and has an easy potential to do well over $120,000 in annual revenue. It can provide consistent monthly income immediately. The plant will easily do 500 birds per day with 4-5 people.

Typical processing rates:

Broiler chickens: 100/hr
Ducks: 50/hr
Turkeys: 60/hr

Customers bring broilers, hens, ducks, and turkeys to the plant for processing for home consumption and direct market sale.

The plant consists of a kill room with equipment, an evisceration and packaging room with equipment, and an 8’x8’ walk-in cooler.

This facility is legally allowed to process up to 20,000 bird/year (chicken, duck, geese, turkey, pheasants, etc.) but is suitable for other specialty animal processing such as rabbit, guinea pigs, etc with no restrictions on volume. 

With minimal modifications it can also be used for wild game processing, such as deer and bear.

Processing Plant Equipment

The 5A Poultry Processing Plant is a turnkey operation. All equipment and supplies are in place to start processing chicken immediately. Click here to see a complete breakdown of what equipment and supplies are included.

Let’s discuss numbers…

We are offering the farm up for sale with several different options.

Farm Property
- Deeded 63.2 acres with house and all outbuildings. Just the farm property with no farm or processing related equipment or supplies.
                                                                                         Asking Price $400,000

Processing Business
- SOPs, HACCP plans, procedures, equipment, customer lists, records, plan and equipment lists for the planned 20-C commercial kitchen build out, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                      Value $50,000

– The owner will provide 3 days of training in the processing plant to get you acclimated.

You will receive thorough instruction on:

Kill room operations

Evisceration operations

Quality control
How to half birds
How to do a full cut up, to include boneless and bone-in breasts
Separation of thighs and drumsticks
Splitting up wings
Packaging and labeling
Documentation                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Value $4,000

                                                                                   Total Value $454,000


Should I buy this farm?

If you are an entrepreneur who can dream and see the big picture, this farm is for you. There are a lot of opportunities waiting in this farm and a little hard work is all it takes to make it happen. This is not a gentleman’s farm, this is a living, breathing organism that needs a steward to take it to the next level.

There has been an incredible amount of work done on the farm and its posed to turn an excellent profit for the new owner.

Why is the farm being sold?

This farm property is being sold because we are moving our farming operation to Columbia Connecticut, where we will be joining forces with Cloverleigh Farm, a vegetable CSA.

What is currently happening on the farm?
Currently it’s business as usual, with the addition of preparing everything for the move.

How can I see the property?

If you are interested in seeing the farm, please send an email to Josh Carnes - josh@ramblecreekfarm.com to set up a showing.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

You can reach out to Josh Carnes via email at josh@ramblecreekfarm.com or keep a list of questions to bring with you to one of the open house weekends.